How to Transfer AOL Emails to Hard Drive


See also how to Transfer AOL Emails to Hard Drive? In this article, we are going to tell you the solution to this problem. By using a professional solution, users can complete the process easily. The DRS team here will help users in this scenario.

Why is it important to first save AOL mail to a hard drive? AOL Mail is a cloud-based email application. As you know, data security is one of the most important factors in relation to its users. Data stored in the user’s cloud email service is always susceptible to data breaches and data loss. Therefore, it is more important to backup AOL email to external drives.

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What is AOL Mail?

AOL Mail is a popular email client launched for Americans. Mail has been extended to US online mail. This email client has been promoted worldwide and is now used in many countries and regions. AOL Mail started online and then the AOL Mail version for the desktop. AOL Desktop Gold is the latest version in service for AOL desktop messaging users. There are different ways to download AOL email data from web and desktop email applications.

AOL webmail does not provide a direct method for exporting AOL mail to local systems. On the other hand, AOL Desktop provides a PFC file on the local hard drive. This file can be copied to another location and used later if necessary. Let’s move on to methods that export AOL mail to a PST file on a local hard drive.

Thus, saving AOL email to an external drive is more important.

Techniques of How to Transfer AOL Emails to Hard Drive

If users want to export AOL email to a hard drive or other PC location. Then use the two mentioned methods to store AOL email on an external hard drive as shown below.

Let us briefly discuss two methods.

How To Transfer AOL Email to Hard Drive

There are three techniques for downloading AOL mail from a computer to a hard drive. For the first two methods, you can do this from the AOL webmail website

Method 1: Transfer AOL Mail Via Print Messages Feature

  • Log in to your AOL account with the correct credentials.
  • Then open this message to migrate AOL mail and click More.
  • Drag the menu down and click on Print Message.
  • After that another tab will open in the same window, now click on edit.
  • Choose Save as PDF and click the Save button to save the AOL email to the computer.
  • To download AOL mail to a computer, select the desired location and press Save.
  • Now navigate to the destination to access AOL mail.

Note: To move AOL e-mail folders to the hard drive, the user must do this separately for each e-mail. This process exports AOL email to PDF file format.

Method 2: Copy AOL Email to Hard Drive Using View Message Source

  • Log in to your AOL account with a username and password.
  • To download AOL mail to a computer or hard drive, open this message and click More.
  • Drag the menu down and click on Show Message Source, a new window will open.
  • Now press Ctrl + S and choose the desired location to save the mail.
  • After that go to the location and change the file extension from txt to EML and open the file.

Note: This approach does not save the file with the name of the email subject. This will create confusion when accessing email. In addition, it converts email to EML file format and does not support batch conversion.

Method 3: How to Transfer AOL Mail Using AOL Desktop Software

Before adopting this approach, download the AOL desktop software and install it on your system.

  • First, log into AOL and hook up the message you want to copy the AOL email to the hard drive.
  • After that go to the Save menu and choose On My PC.
  • In the Personal folder, select the folder where you want to store a copy of the email, click OK.


In the article above, we have shared some important steps taken to Transfer AOL Emails to Hard Drive. Several email setups are outlined with steps for users to choose the easiest way to download AOL email to a computer system without data loss.