How to Fix Yahoo Mail Hanging Frequently?

How to fix Yahoo mail hanging frequently?

Yahoo Mail is the best email service, and you can do all email work in minutes. This messaging service is known for its great features that will give you a great messaging experience. You can use this messaging service without any hassle and the credit goes to its simple interface and fast service. This will give you 1TB of storage for email-related work and this is more than enough as compared to other email services. But sometimes you get yahoo mail hanging infrequently and you do not know how to handle it.

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Yahoo has a large number of users and they are usually blocked when Yahoo Mail is repeatedly suspended. Yahoo Mail has become one of the top email services and if you get stuck with this problem then you will not be able to do your email-related work and hence it is recommended to fix the error immediately by following some steps. Below.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Hanging Frequently?

If you suspect that Yahoo Mail is crashing and not allowing you to work via email, then you need to take some steps to fix this error immediately.

No Internet connection

Yahoo Mail requires a good internet connection for sending or receiving e-mail or any other work-related to e-mail. If there is no internet connection, you will not be able to use your Yahoo Mail and as a result, it hangs on your device. So, check the internet connectivity and then try to check your yahoo mail again.

Malware-infected devices

Malware is becoming smart and powerful day by day. Email is also a medium through which malware enters your PC. If you opened a suspicious email with a link and accidentally clicked on it, your device could be infected with malware with just one click. In such a case, all you need to do is run a malware scan tool to quickly remove the malware from the device and then try to reopen Yahoo.

Old Yahoo Version

If you are using an older version of Yahoo Mail, it may not treat you well and therefore you are stuck with a blocking problem. In such a case, you should install all available updates of Yahoo Mail and then check whether the error persists. After updating Yahoo Mail, you will have to restart by shutting down the service and then reopening it.

An Old Version of Device OS

If you are using an older mobile or Windows operating system, not only Yahoo Mail but also other apps slow down or hang between usage. At that point, you need to check for the latest version of your operating system. For him,

  • Go to your device’s Settings folder
  • Then check for available updates
  • If you find one, be sure to keep your device fully charged and then install the update under the correct network connectivity to avoid any pending update issues.
  • After updating your operating system, restart your device and reopen Yahoo Mail

Now Yahoo should work fine, and if not, proceed with the next possible cause and solution.

Disable Antivirus Software

Sometimes Yahoo Mail stops working or crashes because antivirus has prevented it from opening due to security reasons. In such a case, you will have to start scanning your device and email program using anti-virus software. Otherwise, if you don’t have time because you have to send an email in a hurry, you should temporarily disable the antivirus software and then check if Yahoo is working right now.

Yahoo Server Error

If there is a Yahoo server error, your email account is likely crashing repeatedly. In such a case, you should ask all other Yahoo users whether they are experiencing the same error or if they too cannot use Yahoo Mail. In such a situation, you will have to wait for a while until the Yahoo server recovers, and then after a few minutes, you will all be ready.


The Yahoo server is usually fixed immediately, but if it takes too long you should call the Official Yahoo Helpline and contact experts for immediate assistance. Call them immediately for reliable help for Yahoo Mail Hanging errors and problems.