How to Fix Gmail SMTP Server is Not Working?

Gmail SMTP Server is Not Working

Google SMTP is a simple mail transfer protocol that is a set of easy-to-use and widely used communication links for sending mail over the Internet. Google SMTP is widely used to send email through Google or their email account (Gmail), but if your Gmail SMTP Server is not working, you should use this guide to resolve Some of the steps that have to be followed. mistake.

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Why Gmail SMTP is Not Working

First of all, you should know that Gmail SMTP is a reliable way to send email from your WordPress website. If you are the same then you have received a bunch of emails in the spam folder. Have you ever thought about emails that are tagged as spam? This is because the server he uses to send e-mail has been marked as spam. If the Gmail SMTP is not working, then the SMTP server has a problem.

Well if you are using Gmail SMTP which is spam free then there is no possibility that your email will go to the spam folder. First, let’s take a look at the process by which you can send emails to WordPress using Gmail’s SMTP server.

Google Account SMTP Settings Resolution

• Less secure Gmail application enabled
• The main reason for SMTP not working online is due to the use of unsafe software in your email which is not secure.
• Then to solve the problem log into your Gmail account and click on the less secure app and close it
• Please wait until Google updates its settings and checks your email, SMTP should start working now

Activate two-factor verification method

If your account is not compatible with SMTP, you can enable the two-factor authentication feature, as it is the best and most secure and provides a safe and secure way to access your email. It is user-friendly and users do not need to remember their passwords. To enable two-step authentication you must connect your mailbox to Google via OAuth. And, you will end up with the SMTP GTP resolution, and if something goes wrong; You can contact the experts.

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How to Fix Gmail SMTP Server is Not Working?

If you are using Gmail as your outgoing mail server and you will not be able to send the correct email because Google is blocking connection attempts to your devices or apps. Depending on whether you are using Google Apps or not, you will have to take different steps to solve this problem.

For Google App users

If you use Google Apps, you will need your administrator to allow users to change the rules for less secure apps. If you are using Google Apps Administrator, then you have to follow some steps

• First, navigate to the Google Apps control panel
• Then click on “Security” and then go to “Basic Settings”
• Search for “Less Secure Applications”, then you have to click on “Go to Settings for Less Secure Applications”.
• Now select “Allow users to manage their access to less secure applications”

For Google users

If you do not use Google Apps, then follow the steps in the next section if two-step verification is enabled in your account.

Enable two-step verification on account

• First, browse the “Less Secure Applications” login page using your account. This option is usually required by well-known email clients such as Thunderbird and Outlook, they should not be considered dangerous or unsafe.
• Then choose the “Activate” option


I hope now you can solve Gmail SMTP Server is Not Working? this problem, if you are unable to fix it then you need to take some steps and Call Gmail to contact the experts for any help. experts are available to help you at all times.