How to Fix Yahoo App is crashing frequently

Yahoo App is crashing frequently

Yahoo is known for its excellent features that make it ideal for personal and business use. This email service is known for a simple interface through which you can easily send or receive emails. The Yahoo app can be used easily with just one click and you need to have a good internet connection. This messaging service is designed keeping in mind convenience and ease and hence people prefer to use this messaging service. If the Yahoo app is crashing frequently, there are a few steps you need to take to fix this error. We are here with the exact reasons and their determination to do so.

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Way to Fix Yahoo App is crashing frequently

Update Yahoo App

Yahoo works right after you restart your phone. In case, if it doesn’t work, it is suggested to update the Yahoo app. To update the Yahoo app on your phone, you need to go to the Play Store and find the list of installed apps. Find Yahoo in this list, then tap it. Check if an update option is available. Tap on it and wait for a while till it is installed.

Restart Yahoo after installing the update to see if it starts up correctly. If it still doesn’t work after updating, try following the next solution first.

Clear Cache for Yahoo App

If the update process doesn’t work, clear the cached data and like any other Android app, Yahoo stores some data to make it run faster and use fewer resources. Yahoo is not working properly on your phone, clearing data from a cache may fix it. Follow the below steps to fix it

  • Start the Settings app on the phone and click Apps & notifications
  • Click View all apps to see all the apps installed on the phone
  • Now locate and select Yahoo from the list and click on Storage & Cache
  • Tap Clear Cache to clear the cached data and go back, tap Force Stop on the Yahoo app info page

Restart Yahoo to see if it works or if the error persists try the next method

Remove Google Account and Sign in Again

This error can be caused by a Google account and to resolve this issue, sign in to your Google again and delete the Google account from your phone first, then sign in again. do it,

  • Open Settings on your phone
  • scroll down and select it
  • Find and select Default Google Account from the list
  • Click Delete Account and make sure the action is taking place
  • Return to the Account Settings page to add it back to your Google Account
  • Scroll down to Accounts and tap Add Account
  • Confirm phone security and enter Google Account details to sign in

Uninstall and Reinstall the Yahoo app

You will need to uninstall and reinstall the Yahoo app and the process will erase all local data from Yahoo on the phone and launch it when you start using it. Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall Yahoo on your phone

  • Open the Play Store on your phone and go to Yahoo. search
  • On the app preview page, tap Uninstall to remove Yahoo
  • Wait a few seconds and then tap to reinstall the update
  • Launch Yahoo after reinstalling and use it normally to see if it works

Remove Battery Saver

Battery Saver can also hamper the proper functioning of apps and some other features of your phone. So, if Yahoo starts crashing on your phone, turn off Battery Saver in the meantime. Depending on the brand of Android phone you’re using, you can find the Battery Savings tile in the Quick Settings panel, then locate it, then turn it off. Now to turn off Battery Saver go to Settings and Battery

Now after following some of the above steps everything should be fine. Otherwise, you can call the Yahoo official phone number and contact technical experts for help. Technicians are always there to help you.