How to Fix Comcast Email Attachment Issues

Comcast Email Attachment Issues

Comcast is one of the leading email services available on the Internet. If you are a regular user, you may know that the service is offered through Xfinity. There is no doubt that the service is world-class. However, users face various technical and non-technical problems from time to time. Comcast email attachment issues is one of the problems that is reported most frequently by the users.

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You should note that errors are inevitable features of any technology. Generally, we can see users complaining about problems like Comcast’s unable to send, Comcast’s unable to receive emails, etc. In today’s post, we share details about Comcast attachment issues. We will inform you about the causes of these problems and the solutions to overcome them.

Common Causes of Comcast Email Attachment Issues Send/Receive Problems

To be able to solve a problem, you need to discover the factors that trigger the problem. The same applies to the Comcast attachment issue. To do this, you need to find out the factors that prevent you from sending or receiving attachments. The most common reasons behind these problems are given below.

  • Slow Internet Connection – A good Internet connection is required to send or receive email attachments. If you are not connected to the internet, you will face some problems.
  • Improper Settings – Improperly configured IMAP/POP settings are also responsible for a variety of issues with the proper functioning of Xfinity Comcast email.
  • File Formats – Several file formats are not supported by Comcast. For security reasons, Comcast blocks these file formats from being sent or received via email.
  • File size – If the file you are trying to send is too large, you will encounter an error. Please note that Comcast only allows you to send a limited file size.
  • Compatible Browser – The browser you use must be compatible. Those using incompatible browsers may have problems attaching files to their Comcast emails.
  • Add-ons and plugins – Often add-ons and plugins installed on your browser can also cause Comcast Mail to malfunction. If you have unsupported third-party add-ons/plugins installed on your browser, you may need to email an attachment issue.
  • Problems from your side – It is also possible that there is no problem from your side. If something goes wrong with your receiver, it won’t be able to download the attachments Comcast sends you.

How do I Fix Comcast Email Attachment Issues?

Now that you know the factors that cause Comcast email problems, you can try the following solutions to fix attachment problems on Comcast.

  • Check Your Internet Connection – First, you need to make sure that you are connected to the internet. If you’re using Comcast on a mobile device, you’ll need to make sure you’re connected to Wifi or a mobile data connection.
  • File Size – The size of the file you are trying to send must be within the allowed limit. If you need to send a large file, you can save it to cloud storage and then share a link. If possible, you can split the data available in the original into several smaller files.
  • File Formats – As mentioned earlier in this article, many file formats are not supported in Xfinity Comcast. So you delete those files from your email and try sending them again. The unsupported file formats are as follows.
  • .vbs
  • PIF
  • .scr
  • bat
  • .com
  • CMD
  • msi
  • .reg
  • .exe
  • Check Browser Compatibility – You need to confirm that the browser you are using is compatible with Xfinity Comcast. For a better browsing experience, we recommend that you try only popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
  • Update Browser – The browser you use to open Comcast email should not be out of date. Those who are still using older browsers should update immediately.
  • Several emails – Please note that one email can be sent to up to 100 recipients. If you’ve already tired of our daily quotes, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to be able to send emails again.
  • Add-ons and plugins – If you are using a browser with unsupported add-ons or plugins, you may not be able to attach a file to an email. That’s why we recommend that you try again after disabling each third-party add-on. This way you can find the plugin triggering the problem.


These are steps that will help to fix Comcast email attachment issues. You can implement them and see which one works for you. But if you don’t get any improvement, contact Comcast email support. Professionals will fix deep technical problems that are causing the problem.