How to Fix AT&T Secure Family Not Working

AT&T Secure Family Not Working

AT&T Secure Family is a mobile application that allows parents to track their child’s location and Internet usage. This app is one of the best apps when it comes to its features. However, some technical issues with this application are also quite common. Many users regularly face issues like AT&T Secure Family not tracking location, AT&T Secure Family stopped working.

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This application allows two parents to locate and manage the mobile phone of a family member. If AT&T Secure Family doesn’t work for you then you should keep reading this article. Here, we will discuss proper methods to fix issues related to the proper functioning of the AT&T Secure Family app.

What are the System Requirements?

It’s essential to know the requirements for AT&T Secure Family Systems before moving on to advanced solutions for solving common problems. Often errors occur simply because the system requirements are not met by the users.

  • Apple iPhone users must have iOS 11 or above.
  • Android users must have Android 5.0 or higher
  • Please note that AT&T Secure Family does not work on smartwatches, feature phones, or other SIM-less devices.
  • The smartphone should have a separate phone number and be able to receive and send messages with ease.
  • This app is designed to work within the AT&T service area in the United States only. Remember that some AT&T Secure Family features do not work outside the service area.

Common problems with AT&T Secure Family and their solutions

If the AT&T Secure Family app has stopped working even after your device has met all the system requirements, you should find an individual solution to your problem. We have discussed solutions to some of the most frequently encountered issues related to AT&T Secure Family as listed below.

AT&T Secure Family is not sharing location

You should know that location accuracy depends on device settings, geographic location, and network connection. Nevertheless, you can always refer to the following instructions to fix the problems.

  • Make sure you’ve added the AT&T Secure Family Companion app to your child’s phone.
  • Know if your child has disabled the Secure Family Companion app. In this case, you should ask your child to activate the Safe Family Partner.
  • Make sure your child’s phone is not turned off or running on a low battery (less than 20% battery).
  • The tracked child’s phone should not be in airplane mode.
  • Check and ensure that cellular data is activated on both devices.

Another common problem that many users face is AT&T Secure Family not pairing. Let us walk through the solutions to fix this kind of problem.

AT&T Secure Family not pairing on Android

  • First, confirm that the child’s device has an Android 5.0 or higher operating system installed.
  • The child’s phone should not have any other parental control apps like – Circle Go, Life 360, etc.
  • Make sure there is no other VPN installed on your child’s device.
  • AT&T Secure Family app pairing SMS is also blocked by a shortcode blocker. So make sure that your child’s device does not have such blockers installed.

What if AT&T Secure Family Companion is not working properly?

If the app was working fine before, then you should check the following.

  • Make sure the companion app is not removed by the child.
  • The tracked device should not be turned off or the battery should be below.
  • If AT&T Secure Family isn’t working on iPhone, make sure the Mobile Device Manager profile hasn’t been deleted.
  • There should not be another Virtual Private Network (VPN) installed on the device.
  • Also, verify that the device with AT&T Secure Family Companion is not being used as a mobile hotspot.

How do I delete AT&T Secure Family?

We all know that AT&T Secure Family is a paid service. If you are charged for this service on your AT&T bill, you can opt-out. Let’s go through the steps to do this.

  • Run the AT&T Secure Family app on the parent device.
  • Open “Settings” and then “Accounts”.
  • After that, you have to select “Cancel Safe Family” and follow the prompt that appears on your screen.

Note: The AT&T Secure Family opt-out method is slightly different if you installed it through a Google Play Store or App Store purchase.

If AT&T Secure Family still doesn’t work after trying the remedies described in this article, you need advanced solutions. In such cases, it is best that you contact AT&T support.