How to Fix Yahoo Runtime Error Code 100?

Yahoo Runtime Error Code 100

Yahoo Runtime Error Code 100 is one of the many error codes that users often face while using the Yahoo Mail service, the service is packed with user-friendly features, and it also has a very easy-to-use user interface. Do and understand the service, but still, there are some problems and errors that the user may have to deal with while using the Yahoo mail service. The most common Yahoo Mail runtime error code that a user may experience would be Yahoo Runtime error code 100.

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How to Identify Yahoo Runtime Error Code 100

  • Error messages that often appear on the screen
  • Automatic deletion of files from the system
  • New files appearing in the system
  • Internet connection speed drop

Reasons for Yahoo Mail Error Code 100 appearing

  • inconsistent software design
  • system memory problem
  • damaged graphics driver
  • Incompatible programs running on the system

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 100

  • The conflicting programs are to be closed
  • Programs need to be updated and reinstalled
  • Antivirus protection program needs updating
  • Runtime libraries must be reinstalled
  • Disk Cleanup must be done
  • Damaged graphics drivers must be removed and reinstalled
  • Browser error should be checked and fixed


So, solving the Yahoo error code 100 problem is very easy to fix according to the right set of tips. There is nothing better than this guide as given here. Here are the symptoms to identify the error code. The reasons for the occurrence of the problem are thoroughly discussed here and the solutions are discussed in detail. After reading the guide carefully, it will be easy for the users to fix the error. If you like the post then you can share the post with others. You have any queries about the yahoo mail error then please do comment for it. We will help you immediate