How Can I fix Yahoo mail not connecting to server?

Yahoo mail not connecting to server

Yahoo messaging has always been very easy for people to use; Also understanding how the service works was an easy thing for them so yes for all these reasons it is the yahoo mail service which is most popular among people to use service for easy exchange of electronic messages.

But, as with all these messaging services, there are so many technologies that are associated with the operation of the service, to resolve that the user will need to have proper technical knowledge regarding the operation of the service, here in the blog we will see from Yahoo Mail Server Not Connecting is a very common error faced by the users but the user should have enough knowledge of the techniques to solve the problem. But not all users have it, so here in the blog, we will see how the user can fix the problem.

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How to fix Yahoo mail not connecting to server?

  • If the user is using Yahoo Mail on another email client, the user should check the server settings.
  • Then the user need to open account settings in the yahoo mail account and need to go to advanced settings
  • Also, the server settings should be checked as shown below

To check the settings of the incoming server, the user should see them as follows:

  • IMAP Server:
  • port number 993. should be
  • The encryption type must be SSL
  • To check outgoing server settings, the user should check them as follows:
  • The SMTP server must be defined as SMTP.mail,
  • Port number 465/587. should be set to
  • The encryption type must be set to SSL/TLS
  • If necessary, the user should make changes to the server configuration and save the settings

Security programs must be disabled:

To disable security programs, the user should follow the steps below:

  • This requires the user to open the firewall settings on the computer to deactivate them.
  • Then the user should disable the antivirus program
  • The user can also remove it completely from the system if required
  • Once the user sees that Yahoo Mail is connected to the server, they can reactivate the security program.


So this is how a user can solve the problem of server not connecting to yahoo mail service, if furthermore you still need to know more from this matter then user get in touch with an expert team of yahoo care Must come. experts can also be connected to get the needed help through the option of live chat and email so that users can address the experts as per their needs at the time when they feel like it.